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Max Boost Wireless Buyback

Max Boost Wireless is committed to capturing the highest value possible for your pre-owned, end of life technology. We provide a revenue source that can help significantly offset the cost of your new, upgraded technology.

We protect our clients sensitive corporate data by providing the highest levels of data security and data deletion in our industry for their devices.

We help the environment by utilizing industry leading green processes and policies for reuse and recycling, enabling our customers to fulfill their corporate green initiatives. mobile buyback program is simple and profitable. Working with a dedicated regional account manager,  Max Boost Wireless will purchase your used mobile phones and devices. We will delete the private data and recycle non-reusable devices at no charge !

Key points of the Max Boost IT Asset buyback program:

  • Partnering with Max Boost is easy and offers the following:
  • A no cost, seamless approach for the purchase of your clients pre-owned IT and wireless assets
  •  Single Point of Contact (SPOC) Account Managers that work with you and your clients
  •  The highest value in the industry for your used equipment
  •  An unexpected revenue source for you that can help significantly offset the cost of upgrades
  •  Secure facilities and procedures ensuring the highest quality control for device processing
  •  Documentation to ensure devices have been processed correctly and in a timely manner
  •  Fast, flexible payment options for your clients
  •  Rigorous data deletion and protection (others claim it – we do it )
  • Max Boost  works with any and all wireless carriers across the US.
  • A trusted partners with carrier sales organizations looking to increase their sales and add value for their clients. 
  • Our seamless process makes it easy for your clients to utilize our services at no cost.

IT Solution Providers:

More and more IT Solution Providers across the U.S and Canada are partnering with Max Boost Wireless to add value for their clients and provide an unexpected revenue source for them. Whether you are providing a desktop solution, LAN/WAN reconfiguration or landline upgrade,  we can partner with you and your clients to purchase their end of life hardware !

                          Max Boost recycles your end-of-life cell phones and accessories at NO COST !

Please call us for a Free IT ASSET Buyback quote at (855)-629-8495