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G-Wave - 700/800 MHz Public safety BDA. Incl. LTE D.


Indoor Dual Band BDA 700 MHz Including LTE D Block and 800 MHz New NPSPAC Public Safety +20 dBm UL / +20 dBm DL 70 dB Gain , "N". (NFPA compliant) Bands Supported: 700 PS / 800 PS Downlink Frequencies: 758-775 MHz / 851-854 MHz Uplink Frequencies: 788-809 MHz Gain: 70 dB Composite Power Uplink: +20 dBm RF Connectors: N Female Composite Power Downlink: +20 dBm Gain Adjustment Range (dB): 0 to 30 in 2dB steps Item Width: 12 in Item Height: 9.1 in Item Length: 17.6 in Item Weight: 13.5 lb Mfg. Warranty: 1 Year G-Wave indoor bi-directional amplifiers extend the coverage area of radio communications in buildings and RF shielded environments. Units feature low noise figure and wide dynamic range. The design is based on a duplexed path configuration with sharp out of band attenuation allowing improved isolation between the receiving and transmitting paths. ?

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