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Ventev - Powercell 10000mAh Battery


This combination battery and wall charger features built-in micro USB and Apple Lightning™ cables along with folding AC prongs, capable of charging three devices at once with a total output of 5.2A. With its slim, compact design, the powercell 10000+ is the perfect portable power solution. This device will provide 42 hours of extra talk time and comes with a digital LED battery indicator.

Description Powercell 10000mAh Battery.

Battery Capacity 10000 mAh

Simultaneous Charging Multi-device

Battery Chemistry Lithium-Polymer

Charging Connector Micro-USB / Apple Lightning

Maximum Charge Rate 2.4 A

Charging Port Configuration Multiple - Attached + USB

Number of Devices Charged at Once 3

Number of USB Ports One

Cable Attached Yes

Connector of Cable Attached Lightning and Micro USB charge only

Cable Included No

Charging Input Integrated AC Plug

Compatibility Samsung Galaxy J3; Moto G4 Plus, G4, Moto G 4th Gen, XT1625

Mfg. Warranty Lifetime Limited


The powercell 10000+ is a 2-in-1 portable battery and wall charger in one device that provides an extra 42 hours of talk time!




•Built in Micro USB and Apple Lightning cables

•Integrated folding AC prongs

•10,000mAh lithium-polymer battery





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