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M2M- machine-to-machine cell signal booster | 15dB Cellular / PCS


The M2M booster features sturdy metal construction and an industry leading 3-year warranty. Applications include:?Wireless Alarm Panels,?ATMs,?Vending Machines,?Lotto Machines,?Digital Signage and?Remote Monitoring. Machine-to-Machine signal booster for 4G LTE?cellular frequencies Boosts signal to wireless modems and data cards Increases 4G LTE signal strength for Verizon and AT&T Quality metal construction is durable and resilient Simple plug-and-play installation. Kit Includes: - M2M 4G LTE?Booster - External?Antenna - RG-58 Cable - 6 foot length?(SMA-Male / SMA-Male) - RG-174 Cable - 5.5 foot length?(SMA-Male /?FME-Female) - SC-CN-06 Connector?(SMA-Male to FME-Male) - SC-CN-21 Connector Cable - 24 inch length?(SMA-Male to MMCX-Male) - Mounting Kit (Velcro and plastic anchors with screws) - AC Power supply AT&T?4G LTE?- Part # SC-Solo AI-15

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