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3M Products - PL 100 Portable printer


3M PL100 portable printer. Prints up to 1/2 inch labels. Hot keys. Prints on heat shrink. Supports labels of vinyl, nylon, polyester, heat shrink, non adhes.

Heat Shrink Compatible Yes
Product Labeler
Maximum Character Height .5 in
Repeat Mode Yes
Symbols Included Yes
Construction Material Plastic
Description Affordable label printer, does not include any accessories. Requires 6 AAA batteries. Not included. Similar to DYMO Rhino 1000
Mfg. Warranty 1 Year
3M Portable Labelers, manufactured by DYMO allow customers to quickly and easily mark or label electrical machinery, panels, wire, or other devices. We are offering two labelers, the PL300 and PL100 each suited for a specific market tier, with corresponding label stock for various environments and surface types. All three printers will print on heat shrink, and have exclusive "hot key" technology. 3M Portable Labeler Refill Cartridges come filled with vinyl, polyester, nylon, heat shrink or non-adhesive labels.

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