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Kensington - Proximo Key FOB Bluetooth Tracker for iOS/Android


The Kensington Proximo Key FOB Bluetooth Tracker (Black) pairs with your phone or device using Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) technology to prevent loss of your phone, keys, or other valuables. The Proximo Key FOB will alert you immediately when you leave your smartphone or keys behind. Find alerts can be set to use either sounds using the 95dBa output of the FOB or lights to help you locate your keys or device. The last seen function will mark on your map the last place the FOB was located, making it easier to find it. Quiet zones can be set on the FOB so locations such as your home can be set at "Do not disturb" incase you move too far away from the FOB with your device. Samsung devices can be set to have your home screen lock moment you seperate from your device. Included in the packaging are 1 Proximo Fob, 1 coin battery, and 1 miniature screw driver.

Description Proximo Key FOB Bluetooth Tracker
Operating System Bluetooth 4.0
Adjustable No
Battery Life 6 months
Water Resistant No

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