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Motorola Products - Roadster2 Bluetooth Car Kit


The Motorola Roadster2 (TZ710) features mic noise reduction/echo cancellation, The CrystalTalk dual mic solution in Roadster2 has fantastic noise suppression. Also features, voice controls, 1 speaker, 20 hours talk time, dedicated mute button, one touch mute button allows for easy muting capability during calls, motion on/off, FM transmitter, speech to Text/text to speech and never be lost with the Motorola Car Finder app which helps to remember your parked car's location so you don't have to.:)

Recommended by Max Boost Wireless for Your Wireless Workforce !

Motorola Roadster 2 – The original Moto Roadster was one of my favorite speakers, and the second generation does not disappoint. This feature-packed speaker sports noise cancellation and echo controls. The big selling point of the roadster 2 is the integration with the new Moto Car Finder App. The unit will sync with your phone once you have the app installed so you can always find where you’ve parked the car. Also on board is the MotoSpeak application, which is the ultimate hands-free texting solution with the latest text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology. The MotoSpeak app lets you initiate and respond to text and calls via voice controls.

Last but not least a built in FM transmitter provides streaming audio directly to your car stereo.

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