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                    " Five Bars Inside "     

               Max Boost Wireless  
                          "Five Bars Inside"     

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Max Boost Wireless specializes in FCC & Carrier approved Cellular multi-carrier or carrier direct repeaters 3G,4G & LTE systems for Vehicles, Home's and Business to deliver "Five Bars Inside"

The Max Boost Wireless Network Engineers with over (25) Yrs. of experience will custom design the Solution based on your floor plans and will provide a Free Budgetary Quote within (24-48) Hours.

We waive the cost of this planning thus saving Thousands of dollars from the Project budgets.

The Max Boost team of signal experts has helped hundreds of companies improve cellular signal in buildings, from 1,000 sq. ft. all the way up to up to 1,500,000 sq. ft.  At Max Boost Wireless we pride ourselves with being a Top Wireless Repeater company with a very responsive dedicated Team aligned to you and your company.

Our team is made up of seasoned radio frequency engineers, business visionaries and technology gurus, plus a host of service professionals to guide and support you. Where network connectivity is necessary and towers are not available, we provide a number of alternative In-building and outdoor solutions.

Please contact a Custom Design consultant a & Toll Free 1-855-629-8495

Max Boost Wireless has successfully completed over 2.9 Million Sq. Ft. of Cellular Coverage build out in 2016.

Worry Free Wherever You Are